Melbourne Roleplaying Salon

The Melbourne Roleplaying Salon was started in January 2006 and is continuing with weekly game sessions; games are currently run on Thursday nights at Willsmere Estate, Kew.

The people involved are dedicated towards "trying new games, techniques and styles" and as a result is usually orientated towards more independent publications and non-mainstream systems.

In the past the Salon has run games of Dogs in the Vineyard, HeroQuest, In Nomine, Everway Aesheba, Little Fears, Ars Magica, Hero Wars, Alma Mater, Kill Puppies for Satan, Covenant, Polaris, Pantheon, Swordbearer, Cannibal Contagion, Seven Leagues, The Shadows of Yesterday, MERP, Dragon Warriors, Trail of Cthulhu, Insectes & Compagnie, New World of Darkness, Dragon Age, Lords of Creation, Warhammer Mouse Guard, Dr. Who: Adventures in Space and Time, Freeform, Best Friends, Agon, Deadlands, Ringworld, Space 1889, and Call of Cthulhu.

A mailing list for the group is available.