The RPG Review journal is an ISSN-registered electronic magazine released quarterly, in accord with the solstices and equinoxes (late September, late December, late March and late June), and archived in the National Library of Australia.

Each 64 page issue covers a variety of reviews and supplements for table-top, live action and computer moderated role playing games, industry news, convention reports, speculative fiction and appropriate mass culture (film, novels) reviews. In the middle of each year, a physical edition is also published. Both contemporary and "retro" games attention, along with independent and mainstream publications.

The Journal takes inspiration from precursors such as Different Worlds, Alarums and Excursions, and Interactive Fantasy.

An extremely low-volume mailing list acts as a subscription list, informing interested parties when the next issue of RPG Review is available, along with requests for submissions etc.

We have an extremely low advertising rate rate which helps lower hosting and publication costs. Contact for more information concerning information and submissions.

RPG Review is registered publication: ISSN 2206-4907 (Online)