Code of Conduct


The following standards of behaviour are to be adhered to whilst participating in all public events endorsed by the RPG Review Cooperative. This includes activities in the physical world as well as those taking place over communications networks. This code of conduct is intended to allow artistic and academic freedoms as much as possible while fostering an inclusive community focused on promotion of the RPGs.

Those deemed to be not acting in accordance with these principles may be excluded from further participation in and event and/or from participation in further events at the discretion of any single committee member. Furthermore offenders may have their membership revoked by a vote by the disciplinary subcommittee.

This code of conduct supplements the legal system. Legal action will be taken against those who commit a crime during a Cooperative event.


1 Promote Role Playing Games. The reason for the societies existence is to encourage people to play, design, and produce roleplaying games. Those participating in the cooperative’s activities should behave in a manner that supports this goal. The other principles support this first principle.

2 Be Welcoming. Welcome people to our activities. To best encourage people to participate in RPGs the cooperative insists that all participants accept diversity among other participants.

3 Look Out For Each Other. Once people are welcomed ensure they feel safe so they stay and grow the hobby. Abuse, physical, verbal, or other, will not be tolerated

4 Value Academic and Artistic Freedom. The RPG Review Cooperative supports academic and artistic freedom provided sincere efforts are made to inform participants in activities of controversial or possibly offensive material.

5 Be Accommodating. The RPG Review Cooperative as a whole is not a political entity, it exists to promote RPGs.

Explanatory notes.

1 Promote Role Playing Games.

RPGs here refers to traditional tabletop RPGs only, not computer games which currently lack the core features of RPGs. It is acknowledged that RPG players are often also interested in films, computer games, board games, and other hobbies and RPG Review Cooperative events might include these. However, the focus of the cooperative and is the promotion of RPGs.

2 Be Welcoming.

Fellow participants should not be excluded for identity reasons including but not limited to sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, ethnicity, racial or national origin, religious or spiritual belief or non-belief, class or social status, pregnancy, birth or other status, disability, or age. Additionally, respect other people’s preferences within the hobby and other entertainment. If someone likes a game you don't, let them enjoy it.

3 Look Out For Each Other.

Don’t be violent and don’t inflict verbal abuse. Do not engage in behaviour that shames, humiliates, belittles or degrades others. All members are expected to promote a safe environment as far is as practicable. If you see something of concern contact a committee member immediately.

4 Value Academic and Artistic Freedom.

Participants should be free to work on projects they enjoy. Keep criticism constructive and walk away if emotions get frayed. If you don’t enjoy the game, illustration or other artistic work of another participant let them enjoy it. Artistic works, especially those recreating historical eras, often portray attitudes that many find offensive. Examples include the abusive racist boss NPC in a Papers and Paychecks black comedy, the colonial era attitudes of many Victorian Era characters, or the common belief in ‘National Character’ in the 18th century. Where material might give offensive participants should be warned before it is to be communicated with respect. For RPG campaigns it is recommended that a discussion of these issues is part of the ‘session zero’. We also acknowledge that in a diverse society accidentally offending others due to ignorance is inevitable. The correct response to accidental offence is for both parties to treat each other with respect.

5 Be Accommodating.

Activities, events, and communications by the Cooperative should not be used exclude people of particular political or religious persuasions or of particular opinions, to the extent that they do not contradict prior principles. Committee members should endeavour to not make divisive comments when representing the Cooperative or in their capacity as office holders, and should restrict political comments to matters strictly related to promotion of RPGs.