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"Crux Australi" The RPG Review Cooperative Newsletter #18

May 2017

La Numero Dek Ok!

The eighteenth issue of the Cooperative newsletter covers a new and
upcoming issue of RPG Review, Papers & Paychecks, our regular movie
session at The Astor, and an update our gaming groups.

RPG Review Issues 34 and 35

RPG Review Issue 34 (Design) has been released! With an interview with Ron
Edwards (Trollbabe, Sorcerer, designed of The Big Model), innovative RPG
reviews, RuneQuest in Glorantha designer's notes, RPG theory, evil races,
player investment, narrative tension, mathematics in D&D 5e races, and a
review of the movie Moana movie.

Using the usual URL schema it will be available at the following URLs:

We also encourage people to join our very low-volume mailing list:


The thirty-fifth issue of RPG Review is going to be based on "RPGs from
the Antipodes", covering Australian and New Zealand games and supplements.
This includes a number for our very own Nic Moll (e.g., Big Damn Sci-Fi),
classics such as Hunter Planet, Super Squadron, Elric!, EPOCH, and
well-regarded supplements such as Terror Australis.

If you have any articles, characters, scenarios, or settings which are
particularly Austro-New Zealand please consider contributing to RPG Review
Issue 35

Papers & Paychecks Update

Last drinks has been called on Papers & Paychecks, and we're now making
the penultimate call for the supplement Cow-Orkers. After this it's off to
the printers and to the post office!


Astor Movie Night

Everyone likes Car Wars and GURPS Autoduel, right? Well, how about...


Tuesday, 6 June at 7:00pm

The explosive new book Miller and Max: George Miller and the Making of a
Film Legend (in book stores in June) goes behind the scenes into the
making of the iconic Mad Max movies and the life of their extraordinary
creator, George Miller. Written with the cooperation of a roll call of
cast, crew, family and associates, author Luke Buckmaster reveals a wealth
of sensational stories and new information - shared with readers for the
very first time. This special session will see Buckmaster launch his new
work, along with joining crew for an in conversation session.


The Astor is located at 1 Chapel St, on the corner of Dandenong Rd, Windsor.

Gaming Groups

There are currently fifteen known (there is more, we just don't have all
the details) gaming groups associated with the Cooperative.

Please contact us if you would like to join these groups or add your own
gaming group.

* A Crown of Stars: Play-by-post (contact Nic Moll)
* Big Damn Sci-Fi : Every second week in Ballarat (contact Nic Moll)
* Batman Incorporated with DC Adventures : Every second week in Ballarat
(contact Nic Moll)
* Vampire: The Requiem: Every Friday night in Ballarat (contact Nic Moll)

* Eclipse Phase Rimward : Every second Sunday in Carlton (contact Lev
* Papers & Paychecks: Evey second Wednesday in Coburg (contact Lev Lafayette)
* HeroQuest Glorantha: Online (contact Lev Lafayette)
* Charlemagne's Paladins D&D 4th edition: Every second month (contact Lev

* Mice and Mystics: Every second month (contact Damien Bosman)

* D&D 5th Ed British Fairy Tales : Every second in Gatekeeper Games,
Fitzroy North (contact Karl Brown)
* D&D 5e Freakish Realms: Out of The Abyss. PG16 horror, violence, mild
coarse language. Every month , Fitzroy North (contact Karl Brown)

* Laundry Files Australia: Every second Wednesday in Richmond (contact
Andrew Daborn) about to replaced with Elric!

* Shadowrun 5th edition: Every Monday night in Werribee (contact Dominic

* GURPS Middle Earth: Every second Sunday in Carlton (contact Michael Cole).

* Adventures in Middle-Earth (D&D 5e) Every second Friday at Kayjay Games,
Parker St, Footscray (contact Tom Davie)

Membership Services

Apart from being a confederation of gaming groups and their sessions and
taking on the publication of the ISSN registered RPG Review webzine, the
cooperative also offers some membership services. These include from the

* An RPG Library now with around 350 items and growing. Did you notice if
that if you borrow just one or two items per annum you've made the value
of your membership fee? Then why not sign up?


* Mailing lists for individuals running various campaigns. We also host
mailing lists for specific games including the world's only list for
Swordbearer (http://rpgreview.net/swordbearer) and the longest running
RuneQuest mailing list (http://rpgreview.net/runequest), dating from 1987!

* Discounted ISBNs for publications by memberships and playtesting.
Current plans include Gulliver's Trading Company, Papers and Paychecks,
Spirit and Sword (a new edition of Swordbearer), and The Eclipse Phase

* Free access to the RPG Review Quicksales store
(http://www.quicksales.com.au/shop/RPG-Review.aspx) for members to sell
their games to an unsuspecting public. Interested members should send
through image of their games, plus a description, condition, and price
(see http://www.quicksales.com.au/vshops/policy.aspx?shopid=12390).

* Our github account for a verison control system of products in
development (https://github.com/rpgreview)


Membership fees for 2017 are now due. We also have a link on our website
to pay electronically (it's a 'donate' button, please add in the
description that it is for membership).

If you're not a member of the association please consider joining up. For
just $10 per annum you get to participate in this amazing cooperative
venture, vote on its activities, and make use of its services. Otherwise
you just get this newsletter telling you all the great things we're doing!

Surely you can calculate that if you borrow even a couple of items from
our library that it's worth the membership fee?

We need more members! More members means more services, and more actives!
Join us!

Please forward this newsletter to those who you think would be interested!

http://rpgreview.net POB 15 Carlton South Victoria, 3053

Lev Lafayette, BA (Hons), GradCertTerAdEd (Murdoch), GradCertPM, MBA (Tech
Mngmnt) (Chifley)
mobile:  0432 255 208
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