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RPG Review Cooperative Committee Report 2016

The founding meeting of the RPG Review Cooperative was held on Sunday
December 20th, 2015 at the VPAC officers. At that meeting the association
established its objectives, adopted the Model Rules, and decided to
incorporate. The application for incorporation was accepted on January
7th, 2016. All our activities throughout the year have been in strict
accordance to our objectives. The committee managed the association
through a combination of email correspondence between members, and
real-time committee meetings as allowed under the Act. Ten committee
meetings were held in the year.

In the past year we have published five copies of the RPG Review journal
(Issues 28-32, inclusive), constituting some 320 pages of material in
total. Guest interviews included John Snead, Steve Kenson, Ken St. Andre,
and Frank Mentzer. The Cooperative applied for, and received an ISSN from
the National Library of Australia, and all issues from this year have been
submitted to the NLA. The journal itself is primarily and canonically
available on the RPG Review website. The website received an average of
3980 unique visitors per month in 2016. Putting out the publication is an
incredibly time-consuming activity, especially for a volunteer
organisation, and much gratitude is given to all our contributors.

The Cooperative has also published a monthly newsletter for members and
potential members, 'Crux Australi'. This newsletter has outlined the
various RPG campaigns being run by members, which has increased from 10 at
the start of the year to 13 at the end of the year. Starting in February,
the Cooperative also organised 10 visits to the Astor Cinema as a regular
non-gaming social event. In addition, the Cooperative offers an online
store for members to sell their second-hand or new games to the public
through QuickSales, various IT support mechanisms (github, mailman mailing
lists etc) with hosting donated from one of our members. For would-be game
publishers, we also offer discount ISBNs which we gain an advantage from
bulk purchasing.

In our advocacy role, we initiated a petition to WotC, suggesting the use
of an Open Game License for D&D 4th edition, and wrote to the BBC
concerning proposed changes to a new series of 'Watership Down' (our
association with the Bunnies & Burrows RPG is strong). It is also
appropriate to mention that game sessions run by Cooperative members have
been used a playtest material for upcoming publications, including Eclipse
Phase and John Carter.

There are two other very significant items of note. The first is the
establishment in April of an RPG library for members, now based on two
locations (Melbourne and Perth). This library was initially sourced from
donations, but received a massive boost in December with the arrival and
collection of the former games library of the Murdoch Alternative Reality
Society (MARS) which folded several years ago. As the catalogue has not
caught up with the influx of items we're not exactly sure how large it is,
but we suspect somewhere around the 350 mark.

The final item, of course, refers to our very successful Kickstarter for
'Papers & Paychecks', allowing for a forty year joke to come to a
punchline. We received permission from WotC to use the original image in
our advertising, the designer was interviewed as part of the RPG.net
series, and we received recognition in BoingBoing by Cory Doctorow. With a
goal of $5,000 AUD, we surpassed this by 36%, reaching $ 6,814 AUD with
351 backers.

For a small volunteer association in its first year there are obvious
limits in what we can be expected to achieve. It is not unreasonable to
say however that we have achieved well above expectations, especially
given our resources. In the coming year, the Cooperative will be looking
at the following:

* Completing our Kickstarter commitments, consisting of two publications.
* Releasing between four and five issues of the RPG Review journal.
* Establishing branches of the Cooperative in other states (Western
Australia is a particularly good candidate).
* Increasing coordination and communication with other like-minded gaming
clubs with a view towards sharing resources and reducing overheads.
* Completing the library catalogue
* Increasing the membership of the Cooperative by 50%.
* Maintaining our existing membership services, including library,
discount ISBNs, store, and IT services.

As per the requirements of incorporated associations, a summary of our
finances and future budget is also provided:

Financial Statement 2016

Income					$330
- Membership (24 full, 3 half)		$255
- ISBN sales				$75

Expenditure				$334.60
- ISBN Purchases			$143
- Quicksales store			$55
- Domain Name Registration		$19.95
- Consumer Affairs Registration		$34
- Post office box			$42
- Transport				$41
- Advertising				$40.85

Balance carried forward is ($45.60)

- ISBNs					$75
- Library (estimated)			$3500

The Committee proposes the following budget for 2017.

Income					$8989
- Membership (30 full, 10 half)		$350
- ISBN sales				$75
- Kickstarter Sales			$6814
- PoD/PDF Sales				$250
- P&P Sales				$1500

Expenditure				$4889.65
- Kickstarter Printing			$4000
- Kickstarter Fee			$340.70
- ISBN Purchases			$143
- Advertising				$150
- AGM BBQ				$100
- Quicksales store			$60
- Domain Name Regsitration		$19.95
- Consumer Affairs Registration		$34
- Post office box			$42

Lev Lafayette, BA (Hons), GradCertTerAdEd (Murdoch), GradCertPM, MBA (Tech
Mngmnt) (Chifley)
mobile:  0432 255 208
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