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"I will tell of the history of Gilgamesh, he who knows all that has happened and has seen all the lands of the world, he who has seen all kinds of wisdom and knows the mysteries and has seen what is hidden. He bringeth news dating farther back than the deluge. He has travelled far-distant roads and became weary, and now he has engraved on standing stones the whole of the story.

When the gods fashioned Gilgamesh, to him they gave a perfect form. The glorious sun Shamash bestowed upon him glory; Adad the terrible god of storms bestowed upon him courage. The great gods perfected his magnificence beyond all others, terrible like the great wild bull. Two thirds god they made him; one third man they made him."

The Epic of Gilgamesh

Kteiroa (Suspicious-Friendly) (206:1118)

Day 2 in the Ihatei camp.

Breakfast, over steaming bowls of dustspice infused milk, and our pirates request an audience with Utea, matron of the starport.  She is keen to oblige after the recent promises of significant starport facility investment.
It quickly becomes clear that Utea is happy to help the crew, but her interests are in keeping the Ihatei here for as long as possible making her the biggest profit.  She offers advice on how to do this.
There is some discussion and planning.
Frustrated that nothing is happening Kasiyl storms out of the into the tundra muttering something about 'action today'.  He's almost immediately distracted by two Aslan mechanics and by the time the rest of the crew catch up with him he has found out important information about the camp politics, and got two numbers...

There are four Ihatei warlords and two further power brokers.

Fyukh - powerbroker, motivated by money?
Teao - representive of the council of clans also represents Khaukheairl Clans

Eihei the Clever (Tiykhisto Clan) tech-savvy male
Iykhi Too-Eager (Htyowao clan) somewhat despondent.
Toiho the Brave (Hkaaiheir Clan) seems to be followed by two holovid crews...
Old Elyo - Met the pirates last night. Nearly ate them. He wants to attack Paal

The Epic of the Htyowao and Hkaaiheir War!
Kasiyl is also able to recite a few verses about a war happening in nearby Akoaft system that gives some indication of why the Aslan are congregating here.  This war is nearly over and many thousand battle tested Ihatai will be looking for their next chance at glory here on Kteiroa Prime.

The pirates head deeper into camp, and come across a gathering of the warlords.  Spotting Fyukh's banner looks similar to the icons on the axe they found on Drinax they approach him.  After some discussion the find the Aslan's price - money!  He seems interested in the proposition of the team to attack Paal, but is hesitant without further intel.  He is able to identify that Iykhi Too-Eager had recently gained four human slaves.  For this information he asks for an interview with Iykhi on his behalf.

Time is pressing... More ships filled with Aslan are arriving.  Tension in the camp is rising.

What will come next? See you on tonight at 7!
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