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******************************************For COLOUR NOUN ADJECTIVE Eyes Only***********************************

In a meeting dark stained pine panelled meeting room, deep within the Mission to Seafarers, a council gathered. Stephen sophisticated gentleman-spy and man-out-of-time stepped into the halogen spot lit confines. Already around the table sat Mrs McGillakudy, Commander Zimmerman and the rest of the management heads. The agenda set, trouble brewing across the South China Sea. Puppet-strings would soon be tweaking and operatives positioned.

In the field, our team of illegals had arrived in Hainan province, China with the Victorian All Stars Supersoaker Team to attend the South East Asian Competitive Water-Sports Cup.

Their undercover mission: to find and extract Steven Barrow, Laundry agent as well as resolve the spontaneous human combustions taking place around the Wenchang Spaceport.

After losing their opening friendly match, our team had investigated Barrow's flat. They had used a dead drop to set up a brief meeting with him which left more questions than answers.

The team discovered evidence of a cult at a ruined temple in a village outside Wenchang, but is it still active?

And the committee will want a report too...

Hope to see you all on tonight at 7pm in Coburg!


******************************************For COLOUR NOUN ADJECTIVE Eyes Only***********************************

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