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19.0 Venusian Blinds

19.1 Your Fire, Your Desire

Having survived  the trauma of suicide or executation and being blasted
into space the Sentinels were awakened in a virtual environment by the
Firewall contact Red Rover (who appears as a Red Setter dog) on the
Lucifer aerostat on Venue and informed that some 250 days had passed since
their stacks joined the rocket journey from Earth. Explaining the
situation to their new contact the Sentinels were sleeved in appropriate
morphs without incident as the Firewall Contact updated them on recent
changes in transhuman space, including most dramatically a heating up of
the conflict between the Morningstar Constellation and the Planetary
Consortium with the former blaming the latter for the breech of the

Given their deep experience of such matters Red Rover also described an
interesting situation for Firewall with the rise of a possible exsurgent
virus on the aerostat of Parvarti. As exurgent virus often appear as the
result of TITAN experiments the Sentinels were requested to go an
investigate. Parvarti station is a peculiar location insofar that it has a
strong ban on real-time communications and an emphasis on privacy. As a
result it is both popular as a meeting place for those who prefer to keep
negotiations secret, for secret liasons, and the outright disturbing
debaucheries. With the exsurgent outbreak a medical quarantine has been
imposed on the station, and understandably people are getting worried.

The Sentinels took the journey to Parvarti under the guise of security
company investigators and, after being propositioned at the aeroport,
discovered that their contact had showed symtoms of the virus and had gone
missing, as they were prone to do. Research revealed that all known
infected had been recently re-sleeved, although they had all come from
different body banks. However, all morphs had been passed through a small
brokerage, Dai Khan enterprises, which had a grand total of three on-site
employees, Hellen Alvarez, Dario Silvestri, and Landon Markus. A hospital
visit to review one of the infected morphs indicated that it had x-cast
mesh inserts, which are strictly prohibited on Parvarti.

The visits to the Dai Khan employees were mixed; the administrator Hellen
Alvarez was very distant and not at all forthcoming. An investigation into
their apartment revealed that they were actually involved in an illegal
child-forking slave ring, whereas Landon Markus, the security and labourer
was friendly and helpful. His evening out at a local club involved naked
Greco-Roman wrestling of which Adrien was a memorable participant. Landon
revealed that Dario had a bit of a gambling habit and a visit to his
near-empty apartment showed signs that he had left in a hurry. Vivian was
again able to by-pass the poor security and discern that a number of
transactions had gone through an uplifted crow named Blackvein.

A visit to Blackvein's aerie concluded the story. The corvid was a broker
between organisations and, with appropriate protections guaranteed,
Blackvein revealed that Dario owed a substantial amount of money to the
criminal Night Cartel. Unable to pay, he had offered to insert mesh
broadcasts into morphs that would secretely broadcast material that could
then be used for selective blackmail. However Dario's operations had gone
wrong, leading the Cartel in the situation where they had to kidnap the
morphs once the failed insert had been revealed.  "Not an existential
thread", Hermann concluded, leaving the task of mopping up the Night
Cartel agents to the local cops. The quarantine was lifted, and all
returned to normal in the aerostat.

Adrien La Fontaine: 3 Rez  (+1 participation, +1 lessons learned, +1
mission completed), +3 GRep
Di Yi Nuhai: 3 Rez  (+1 participation, +1 lessons learned, +1 challenging
opponent, +1 mission completed), +5 GRep
Vivian: 3 Rez  (+1 participation, +1 lessons learned, +1 challenging
opponent, +1 mission completed), +5 GRep
Hermann Blank: 3 Rez  (+1 roleplaying, +1 participation, +1 lessons
learned, +1 challenging opponent, +1 mission completed), +5 GRep)

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