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19.2 Shooting Stars (Part II)

With the tasks of recruitment, intelligence gathering, and investigation
at hand the new Proxies went about their work. Adrien La Fontaine started
with a subtle approach with the Cognite employees Jack Kayne, the alien
and exsurgent psychologist and Gregory Hooker, the hostile environment
botanist. The appeals were not enormously successful; although sympathetic
to joining Firewall, the two employees enjoyed their secure income and had
families to care for. Adrien persisted with suggestions that it only had
to be for a limited period and that it would help end the war between the
Morningstar Constellation and the Planetary Consortium. To this they
agreed, for a limited period of two months. Of course, Adrien thought, in
two month's time none of this will matter.

Meanwhile Vivian meet with Arwa al-Sulayhi, the industrial engineer, and
Jean-Pierre Mignon, the telepresence operator, both of whom worked for Red
Cap mining, who had recent problems with disappearing mining 'bots. Taking
up an scout reconnaissance role with the company, Vivian created a fork
which was transmitted down the beanstalk to the Venusian surface and into
a Q-Morph, a specially designed morph with a quartz shell, designed for
the hostile pressure, heat, and sulfuric rain of the Venusian surface. "A
shame there is no jungles", Vivian remarked.

More pressing matters were afoot however, as Vivian noted that one of the
mining bots was going heading away from base. Locating a weak transmission
and following it to a cave entrance, Vivian returned to the beanstalk base
and transmitted this new information, before returning to the cave. There,
Vivian encountered a TITAN warbot, but managed to escape its clutches and
hide in an old mining shaft, which eventually led to an open chamber where
many mining bots were being contructed or converted into war machines. A
quick exponential calculation made Vivian realise very quickly what a
problem this could be, and returned quickly to the beanstalk, transmitted
back to the aerostat, and reintegrated into the main character. It did not
take much convincing for Arwa and Jean-Pierre to become Sentinels
following that report.

Adrien and Vivian both sought appropriate contact form Blackvein, the
canny corvid. Adrien paid a sum of a 10,000CR recuitment fee, and was
introducted to Farzad Shirazi, an infiltration expert who has the
misfortune of being caught (once) and now recently released in a case
morph. Vivian instead offered to make Blackvein a unique and classy weapon
in a organic style with gold effects; the first attempt was not
successful, but the second created a work of art, a hold-out pistol,
mentally controlled, that could tucked under a wing and fire either a
foamer-like string or an electrolaster. For these efforts, Vivian was
introduced to Yamada Tarō, a tough penetration expert in a flat morph who
would appreciate a new identity and morph. From his own resources, Adrien
also made two contacts from the autonomists, Steve Millan, a security
officer who worked in bars, and Martin Neufeld, an IT engineer who was a
member ofthe Solid Ground Initiative, which seeks to terraform Venus.

As for Nuhai and Hermann, they had their own recruitment issues. Nuhai's
old colleague from the monastery, Ji Gong, was a relatively easy recruit.
In this case a 20,000 CR payment was made to Blackvein, who brought in to
assist. A former Scum barge operator and strategist (who had an
unfortunate encounter with the Consortium), Abu Nidal, was readily
accepted, as was his second-in-command, Ekaterina Molotov, an expert in
heavy weapons and gunnery. A more unusual recruit by Nuhai is Siti binti
Taarab, a singer but also with some excellent interpersonal skills.

For his own part, Hermann also made use of Blackvein's seemingly endless
supply of skilled individuals in need of a cause that provided morphs, an
identity, and paid expenses. Unfortunately Hermann's contacts were not in
Venus and he found himself in the situation where he had to forgo 30,000CR
to pay for three new recruits. This brought David Wilberforce, information
scientist and financial fraudster to his team, Marie Lee, infiltration and
security systems expert, along with Tjandamurra, a hostile environments
specialist. In addition to these recruits, some of the Hobart's were also
recovered and were held in info-morphs; Angelique volunteering to join
Vivian, Mary-Anne with Nuhai, and Georgia with Hermann's team.

The Sentinel forces now complete, the Proxies contacted the Servers to
provide their report. Adrien had the forsight to set a task for his
Sentinels on Thought who reported back that Cognite was aware and was
continuing development on the Watts-MacLeod virus to effect AGIs, and also
they were engaging in lobbying to bring an invasive force from the
Consortium. Further, there was scenarios being developed by Cognite to
kidnap the entire neo-synergist movement before they became too big. This
foresight received approval from the Servers, who duly decided among
themselves that a likely trajectory of activities and appointed Eludere as
their Server for the Proxies.

"I don't like it either", she scowled. "But it has to be done".

Adrien La Fontaine: 3 Rez  (+1 participation, +1 +1 new responsibility, +1
lessons learned), +1 GRep
Vivian: 3 Rez  (+1 participation, +1 good roleplaying, +1 new
responsibility), +2 GRep

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