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17.6 To The Anti-Bear

At the re-sleeving facility, Angelique is intergrated into a Exalt morph,
and Nuhai gives up their Slitheroid in favour of a Alpiner. Adrien decides
to scrounge for some temperature tolerance nanites, poorly assisted by
Basil the Rat who is more interested in an unopened pack of ten-year-old
chips. Meanwhile Vivian and Hermann make their way carefully across to the
city port, but on the very last block of their journey they are attacked
by Mark II Headhunters. Makin a rapid move to the port's warehouses, they
cache themselves into the cellar level whilst the Headhunters fire
missiles towards them. Finding a rail to the water's edge the Sentinels
make their way, daisy-chain the submersible suits, and make their way back
to the Manasas to collect the remaining bikini girls with machine guns.

Helga and the Five Pillars (named Shahada, Salah, Zakāt, Sawm, and Hajj)
remain at the ship whilst the Sentinels make their way back to the
military hospital with care and without incident. Resleeving the remainder
of the Hobarts results in the following; Polly Hobart, Slitheroid., Sara
Hobart, Cetus., Mary Sue Hobart, Daitya., Georgia Hobart, NovaCrab. Mary
Anne Hobart was originally sleeved into a Flexbot but proved to so
resentful of her new body that she was transferred in an Olympian. For her
part Georgia was so hungry in her new morph that she started to eat her
old body.

Before departing Rio Gallegos, the Sentinels visited the survivors at the
Mausoleum, who again requested assistance in leaving. The best they could
do was offer the coordinates of the tight-beam system in Moorocco. The
survivors also mentioned that some Mapuche people could assist in their
journey, and they were meetint with them the following day. At that
meeting the Sentinels were introduced to the curious shamanic leader,
Valentia Jones-García, who spoke of the the forces of destructive water,
and dry sunshine.

Rather than taking up their offer of travelling with the Mapache to
Antartica, the Sentinels returned to the Manassas and set their engines
for the three day journey southwards, eventually stopping near to the
location where Captain Fernandes had been programmed to stop for
transportation; the Halley Research Station.

Adrien La Fontaine: 5 Rez  (+1 participation, +1 lessons learned, +1 good
roleplaying, +1 mission objectives)
Di Yi Nuhai: 5 Rez  (+1 participation, +1 lessons learned, +1 good
roleplaying, +1 mission objectives)
Vivian: 5 Rez  (+1 participation, +1 lessons learned, +1 good roleplaying,
+1 mission objectives)
Hermann Blank 5 Rez (+1 participation, +1 lessons learned, +1 good
roleplaying, +1 mission objectives)

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