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12.0 War on a Distant Moon

12.1 Dust Gets in Your Eyes

The Sentinels, now employed as mercenary spieds by the Titanian
Commonwealth and as agents of Firewall, farcasted from Varuna to the L5
Trojans and the spectacularly named 2008 LC18, with a diameter of a mere
100km with an irregular shape. The trojan was the largest in an area
littered with small rocks, many high in valuable metals and minerals, and
the celestial sky was almost foggy in the level of dust in this eerie
deadzone of gravitional influence.

The entire trojan was effectively a battlefield between the Canadian
Survivalists and the Malay Sikhs and their Ultimate mercenaries. The
Sikh's, having captured a nearby automated mining outpost used by the
survivalists, have had that output commandeered by the Ultimates who have
set up a military HQ there. Prior to the involvement of the Ultimates the
battles had consisted of waves of drone strikes against each other's
respective (and well defended) bases, and targetting supply lines leading
to significant shortages.

The Sentinels were sleeved into available morphs at The Beaver's Lodge,
the main base of the Canadian faction on 2008 LC18. Herman took a modified
Nova crab which had previously conducted mining operations, and Nihi a
Slitheroid. Both these morphs had battle scarring suggesting that their
previous owners may be elsewhere. Adrien was sleeved into Swarmoid, a
difficult body to acclimatise to, with Vivian remaining as an Infomorph.
The Sentinels were introduced to William Campbell as the contact and guide
who went through the process of outfitting and explaning the lay of the

For the former, Hermann included a heavy combat armour layer on top of the
standard vaccuum suit, itself on top of the standard vaccuum suit, and
took six EMP grenades and two concussion grenades, along a rail gun
assault rifle, repair spray and a first aid kit. Nihi's Slitheroid came
with 360 degree vision, an
access jacks, anti-glare, chameleon skin, enhanced vision, grip pads,
hidden compartment, lidar, light combat armour on top of the standard
vaccuum suit, mneomic augmention, radar, and a t-ray emitter. For
weaponary, a sniper rail rifle, two swords (burning favours at the
fabber), two light pistols, six EMP grenades and two thermite grendes.
Both were equipped with a medium radio transmitter, cutter, and electronic
rope. Adrien's Swarmoid is a skulker variant with the advantage of being
invisible to radar.

The lay of the land was relatively simple; the frontline - such as it is -
starts some thirty kilometers from Beaver's Lodge, which large defensive
emplacements for the Canadian Survivalists have been established. Beyond
that is a region of some five kilometres were groups of transhumanist
soldiers form a front-line to hinder any potential invasion. Beyond that
is a ten kilometer band that consitutes the real front-line an a no-man's
land - where swarms of driods and guided missles hammer out a battle
against each other with the earth pitted and rent. On the other side,
almost like a mirror, the Malaysian Sikhs and the Ultimates had their
transhuman soldiers, and beyond that their heavy armour. From there it was
another thirty kilometers to the former mining base and now the Ultimate
HQ. The objective of the Sentinels? Get to the HQ and hopefully disabled
it; kill the head, and kill the beast.

Herman Blank: 2 Rez (+1 participation, +1 lessons learned)
Di Yi Nuhai: 2 Rez (+1 participation, +1 lessons learned)

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