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12.2 On The Brink

The first action wss taking a sled to the Canadian fortied positions some
20 kilometers from the base. These were essentially command-and-control
centres, launching pads for drones, and entrenched heavy weapons. Several
kilometers beyond that was scattered forces of tranhumanist squads,
holding position, probing enemy lines and protecting their own. Beyond
that was the true front-line - drones, swarms, and the occasional
transhuman salient - among the constant bomardment as positions were
revealed. The war continued "above" as well of course, as much as this
potato-shaped rock had an above - with the Canadain and Malay forces
sending small craft into each other's territory.

The first experience in no man's land was an encounter with a Canadian
scout saucer, which emitted the appropriate call sign. Shortly afterwards,
a converted mining robot came into view that did not. It was worrying that
the enemy had penetrated this far, but seconds later the mining bot added
to the fog of dust as it was silently destroyed. It provided the Sentinels
a lesson in the environment; don't get seen. The next encounter were three
enemy Swarms, difficult to see in the dusty environment, but sufficiently
so that the party was able to throw EMP grendades to central locations,
destroying the micro-robots with ease. Finally, there was a stealth drone,
which was taken out at a distance before it could transmit.

The party now were out into the transhumanist region of the Malays, and
almost immediately they perceived a squad of Ultimate mercenaries. These
conflict between the two groups resulted in mutual avoidance and
disengagement, but the penetration behind enemy lines had began. Avoidance
could not last forever however, and an hour later, the Sentinels foud
themselves in a firefight against a squad of Malay. It was a brief and
bloody exchange which resulted in hits on Hermann's Nova Crab, but two
fatalities on the side of Malays, who beat a retreat. Word had clearly
gotten around that the front-line had been breaches as the Sentinels ran
into another squad of Ultimates, however these were avoided in entirety.

As the Sentinels made it to the entrenched locations of the Malay forces,
much greater stealth and caution was employed. A near-encounter with a
Fenis - a five-ego walking tank - that was armed to the hilt, was enough
for the group to see that discretion was the better part of valour.
Indeed, Hermann decided it would be much safer to return to the Canadian
base, as passed on the Faraday cages containin the morphs for Vivian and
Adrien. The Nova Crab morph had fulfilled its role as a meat-shield for
the rest of the Sentinels until this point was reached, and the journey to
the Malay command-centre - a former mining building - was without
incident. The presence of two-combat modified harvster 'bots however, left
Ni Yi considering her next move.

Herman Blank: 2 Rez (+1 participation, +1 significant contribution)
Di Yi Nuhai: 2 Rez (+1 participation, +1 significant contribuition)

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