RPG Review Issue 49 and 50: Cyberpunk 2020, Year of the Stainless Steel Rat

The forty-ninth and the fiftieth issue of RPG Review has been released. Download the PDF.

This is a special double-issue arising from the Cyberpunk 2020: Year of the Stainless Steel Rat online conference, that included Walter Jon Williams as keynote speaker. It includes a transcript of all presentations and questions, a cyberpunk music setlist, several cyberpunk scenarios, campaign outlines, reviews of Blade Runner 2049, the Cyberpunk 2077 computer game, and much more!

Forward this to all and sundry who may be interested in RPG Review Issue 49-50: Cyberpunk 2020 Year of the Stainless Steel Rat. RPG Review Issue 51 will be a special issue for Foood, Glorious Food! Please consider making a submission.