Thirteenth and Fourteenth Issue Released: D20 and Planescape Double Issue

The thirteenth and fourteenth issue (a double issue!) of RPG Review has been released with the following content:

Administrivia, Editorial, Letters many contributors p2-3
A Crafty Interview with Patrick Kapera and Alex Flagg p4-7
Hot Gossip: Industry News by Wu Mingshi p8
D20 History and Product Review by Lev Lafayette p9-18
Natasha Keshell: An AD&D Character by Stew Wilson p19-23
Effective Combat Tactics for Assassins by Johnn Four p24-26
Stop The Madness! by Poison Shadow p27-31
A Year With Fantasy Craft by Karl Brown p32-44
The Shifted Soul: Pathfinder-Planescape by Felix Aplin p45-57
Planescape Spell Compendium by Felix Aplin p58-72
Planescape Charms by Felix Aplin p73-85
No Exit: An Existentialist D&D Scenario by Lev Lafayette p86-93
The Illogics of D&D by many people p94-98
D20 Orient Express and Nyarlathotep by Lev Lafayette p99-117
Recalculating Hit Points D&D 4e by Matt Stevens p118
PG Game Review: Virtual Villagers by Matt Linus p119
Movie Review: Deathly Hallows by Andrew Moshos p120-123
Movie Review: Contagion by Andrew Moshos p124-127
Next Issue by many people p128