The Social Psychology of Alignment

Published in Mimesis Issue 2 (online), June 1998


The formulation of moral alignments is as varied in roleplaying games as it is in behavioural psychology and the philosophy of ethics. Both universal and context bound models require assessment on quantitative and qualitative scales. Comparative evaluations through social simulation models, such as role playing games, may allow for a consistent synthesis of existing approaches.

Magic in Roleplaying and Reality

Published in Mimesis, Issue 1, 1996

Reflections on the death of Superman

Published in Green Left Weekly, Issue 85, 1993, p24

On November 20, Superman, the fictional character who represented “Truth, Justice and the American Way” for more than 50 years, suffered a violent death at the hands of a character known as Doomsday. If you bought an issue and stuck it in a plastic bag with a cardstock backing, it might be worth something in 20 years.

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